Star CJ launches its all new Sports Italia collection

Star CJ, a Star group joint venture is India’s premier shopping channel. From fashion to kitchen and living to electronics, it offers a wide array of products. The channel ensures that all its offerings are highly durable and sustain high quality standards. Star CJ Alive offers exciting products on a platter, including books, clothing and footwear. Running around with shopping bags is for the old school customers. The new age customer’s avid shopping destination lies within the comforts of their home.

In order to enrich the shopping experience, Star CJ Alive is launching its Sport Italia collection on June 13. Shopping portals and shopping channels requires the portal to be honest and transparent about its product descriptions. Star CJ Alive has precisely been able to do that and garner the trust of more than 1 million customers.

The channel will be launching its sport Italia collection at heavily discounted prices. Starcjalive has put on offer exciting combo deals with its collection. Jogging is now a lot cooler with the launch of Sports Italia shoes which come with the all new sport Italia socks. The combo will be available for 1999 rs only. Starcj is also pleased to introduce some of its other products as a part of the collection. The all new Sport Italia Bag bears a sporty and trendy look and is available in various colors just for rs. 2999. With the all new Italia collection, Starcj aims to bring the best of fashion to its customers from the fashion capital of the world – Italy.

Star CJ Alive offers a chance for its customers to save up to Rs. 3998 and buy products at heavily discounted rates up to 57%. Shopping is considered to be one of the best stress-relievers, and jogging the best exercise. The all new fashionable Sport Italia shoes are a combination of these two aspects. Dance, run and have fun this season with Starcj Alive, where fashion trends come alive.

The collection can be bought as various separate components, viz. shoes, bags and watches.

Additionally, customers can save up to Rs. 3998 on the purchase of the whole Sport Italia collection at Starcjalive. Ordering the entire collection would ensure an enviable stylish and a uniform look. Customers can strike the best deals through one of the most sophisticated virtualshopping experiences on the website.

No other internet platform has managed to match the enviable position that Star CJ commands.

It has been able to successfully satisfy and offer desirable products to a variety of customers across India. Customers across the country have been able to maximize their savings with the online offerings of the channel. Over the years, it has become one of the best home shopping destinations in India, leaving behind its competitors. Exciting offers available on the Italia collection can be availed online after its launch at 8:30 p.m. tomorrow exclusively on the television channel, Star CJ Alive at 20:30 p.m. exclusively on their television channel, Star CJ Alive. 

To know more about the Sports Italia collection, follow the link:

Star CJ brings you a Home Power Laundry Hanger this monsoon!

Hello monsoon! StarCJ wishes all of you happy monsoons. It’s finally time to shower your umbrellas and smell the wet dust. We all love dancing in the rain and live our childhood all over again. Under the dark clouds and gloomy weather welcome the rains, splash water and celebrate this season with StarCJ Alive with glee.

But what happens when you come back home all drenched and put your clothes for wash and they refuse to dry in the moist climate? Not to worry, Star CJ Alive brings you a very useful Home power Laundry Hanger Orange to right at your doorstep which will help you dry your clothes in a much faster and easier manner. It will help you cut down on the efforts of getting out in the heavy downpour and will give you free home delivery. So sit by your window and enjoy the weather and just call Starcj Alive and order or log onto now for the very helpful Home Power Laundry Hanger only for Rs. 1,999.

Starcjalive, grants you this adjustable laundry hanger which is very convenient and helps you dry clothes faster. It is portable with the help of 2 legs and wheels and is designed for better ventilation by expanding the distance of each cloth. It saves a lot of time with the help of its four step angle adjusting feature due to which all length-types of laundry can be dried altogether. It is made of stainless steel with fully adjustable shelf and two adjustable hanger holders for you to strip and hang socks easily.

Home Power Laundry Hanger consists of 6 connectors and 12 connecting pins along with 2 rack wings, 6 dry wings and one-touch lock for one to adjust its height easily.

Starcj Alive always promises value for money to all its customers. Star CJ will take 3-5 working days to deliver with cash only on delivery. Product can be returned within 48 hours of delivery only in case of any damage, wrong or defective product. Call Starcjalive right now or log onto our website and enjoy carrying off your well dried warm clothes in the chilly monsoon winds.

To order this product log onto

So hurry and order this cost effective Home Power laundry Hanger Orange from your very own Star CJ Alive right away.